MK Core Drilling is a family business run by the Kehusmaa brothers. Our company’s close-knit management team is committed to handling all matters carefully and safely. Safety is not only a concern for the individuals because our work often takes place in nature. This principle makes our company extraordinary.


Changing circumstances during drilling puts high demands on the equipment. Long-term development in drilling equipment and operation strategies has created quality standards which MK Core Drilling adheres to, thus making it every customer’s ideal partner.


In each drilling apparatus there is a broad, environmentally-friendly rubber track, which makes moving into especially soft target locations also possible. The impression left behind on the environment by the rubber track is almost nonexistent.




DeviCore BBTCore orientation DeviCore BBT

With the core orientation device DeviCore BBT it is possible to determine the direction of a crack/gap inside of a rock, or in other words in what position the rock sample has been.






With the DeviFlex device we measure the direction of the borehole, i.e. in which direction the hole has curved/turned from its initial direction (up/down, right/left). The device is non-magnetic, and therefore the measurement can be performed inside the drill rod.